About the Little Brick House

The Little Brick House originated 19 years ago literally out of our "little brick house." It all started with the love of decorating and refinishing lots of furniture that later led to many craft festivals. Eight years ago plans unexpectedly changed as the opportunity came for us to open an actual storefront. It is still a venture juggled around working full-time as a nurse with the support of a farmer hubby.

We can be found in our small rural hometown of Saint James, Missouri where we open February thru December. Our part-time openings are typically two weekends a month from February until the holiday season in November where are openings are more frequent. LBH has proven to be a blessing for the friendships made and opportunity to stay local for small town living.

We would love to have you visit our storefront location! Check back frequently to get a list of our upcoming openings!!


For our hours or directions click here.